Can I try the app before purchasing it?

Yes. We offer a "Lite" version so that you may try all the functionalities absolutely free.

Can I use Snap the Wedding for other events besides my wedding?

Yes. But we suggest mainly using Snap the Wedding for weddings, bachelorette / bachelor parties, bridal shower, engagement party, etc.
We have better suited apps for other events at SnapTheEvent.com

If I have Lite or Basic account can i upgrade to a Premium account and keep my gallery?

Yes. Anytime you upgrade all your details (ID, Gallery, and Photos) will be transferred.

Do my guests have to pay to download the Snap the Wedding app?

No. The app is completely free to anyone who downloads it, but in order to use the app they will need your WID (Wedding ID).

What if some of my guests don't own a smartphone?

They may also take pictures with their digital camera and upload them via computer to your gallery.

Can I pay via paypal?

Yes. you may choose to pay directly via paypal account or you may use your credit card via paypal to make a purchase.

Where do I go to login and view my uploaded photos?

You simply go to photos.snapthewedding.com, and login with your details.

Where can my guest download the app for Snap The Wedding?

Your guest can simply go to  the App Store to get the ios app or Google Play to get the Android app.

How long is my gallery good for?

Your Gallery is good for 2 years from your wedding date so if your wedding date is 10/11/12 your gallery will be good till 10/11/14.

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